Growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, I spent every summer and countless Saturdays in the world of wallpaper. Whether it was with my father or one of my uncles, I was learning valuable skills at an early age, assisting with installations in some of the more affluent and architecturally rich areas of Jackson.

After a stint in college and a four year enlistment in the Air Force, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky in November of 2001, where I decided to start my own wallpaper installation business and go back to school.  

Starting my own business in a city where I had few connections was not easy, but I was determined to make it.  With the help of a couple of interior designers who really believed in me and my own stubborn will, I used my skills and work ethic to do the best job possible on every installation I was afforded.  My relentless dedication to honesty, punctuality, cleanliness, and crystal clear communication with the customers and designers have awarded me great working relationships and lasting friendships.

I have also been fortunate to team up with other installers from various parts of the country where I've learned countless tricks of the trade and different installation techniques.   One installer in particular is Master Paper Hanger Jim Yates.  Jim introduced me to a plethora of different techniques and, most importantly, introduced me to the world of historic installations. Working under Jim and his brother Frank Yates was an educational and rewarding experience for which I will be forever grateful.

I am also a member of the National Wallcovering Installers Association. I regularly attend conventions and stay informed through newsletters and literature supplied by the association.