Being in this business my entire life, I have an approach that I consider essential to each installation, whether it's a high-end mural installation or a bathroom in a residential setting. 

First and foremost, the prep work is essential.  If there is any uncertainty in the prep work whatsoever, I make sure it is remedied before I begin my installation.   Correct prep work allows me to guarantee the customer a perfect job for years to come.  It also sets the stage for an easy removal in the future, if so desired.

Secondly,  technique and application is always carefully thought out from the time I do the estimate to the actual installation.  I approach each material with slight variations in technique and application.  

Thirdly, pattern or panel placement is essential.  Achieving symmetry if desired, balance, and installing to best match the architecture of the room are variables that I always consider.  These points are also something I like to review with the customer or designer if I feel it is necessary.

Lastly,  cleanliness and professionalism are hallmarks of my work.  

Maintaining this approach with the skill level that I have obtained over the years allows me to install on the highest level.  I intend to continue to develop relationships with customers, designers, and other installers and look to install nationally and globally for years to come.